Yard Hydrants

Hydrants can be used all year round in the field.

Yard Hydrants are high quality external taps, that are the ideal solution for the field, yard or garden. They are intended for use all year round, come rain or shine - and specifically work in freezing conditions! For three years now, I have never had to carry water to the field for the horses because of frozen taps, which saves so much valuable time!

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Outside Mixer Wall Tap

The outside Mixer Tap continues to work even in the snow!

Outside Mixer Wall Taps are in a class of their own amongst other external taps. They are the perfect solution when warm water would be useful outside, such as washing a muddy dog or horse! And - it may seem too good to be true but they also do not freeze in the winter, which means running water outside, hot or cold, all year round.

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Outside Single Wall Tap


Outside Single Wall Taps are ideal for use at your home or work place, as a quality external tap for cold or hot water. They are intended for use all year round and will not freeze, even in sub zero temperatures. So, if for example, you only require a cold water supply outside, this will be the ideal solution for you.

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