Outside Single Wall Tap

Single tapSingle Wall Mounted External Freezeproof Taps are designed for, and intended for all year round use, regardless of the outside temperature.  This outside tap will not rupture from freezing when the valve is shut off.  They can be used for Cold or Hot water – whatever the weather.  They have proved popular as a quality external tap for your home or work place.  Customers can be confident in the knowledge it will not freeze.

How does it work?

The tap itself needs to be mounted to an outside wall, on a building which has a frost proof inside wall.  When the tap is turned off it automatically drains and therefore no water is held in the tap that could potentially freeze.   It is this water held in the tap that normally causes a ‘traditional’ external tap to rupture.  A valve in the pipework enables the draining to occur.  The valve is part of the pipework ‘behind’ the tap and sits on the inside wall.  It is therefore important to order a tap with the correct wall thickness.

Specification & Installation

Please Note: These taps will need a break tank and pump installed if they are to be fed from a mains water supply.
For more technical details – please download the following PDF files


How much do they cost?

From £85.60 including VAT and delivery

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