Yard Hydrants

Yard Hydrant Yard Hydrants are a high quality tap which can be positioned wherever you would normally require a water source, such as a field, garden or yard.  They are intended for use all year round as a ‘normal’ tap, come rain or shine -but specifically work in freezing conditions.  This puts them in a class of their own against all other external taps!

Yard Hydrants continue to  work in the hardest of frosts.

Yard Hydrants continue to work in the hardest of frosts.

Winter can be particularly labour intensive, when the temperature outside has dropped below zero, the taps have frozen and all the animals in the field still need water.  You may well have experienced at some stage filling containers with water at the house, and then transporting them to the field in a wheelbarrow or vehicle.  It’s pretty depressing work and takes up a lot of time!  The Yard Hydrant will make your life easier, and once used, you will never want to go back to the ‘old way’!

 Where can they be used?

Hydrants can be used all year round in the field.

Hydrants can be used all year round in the field.

Hydrant situated close to the chicken pen.

Hydrant situated close to the chicken pen.

Previous customers have bought Yard Hydrants for use in:


Equestrian Establishments




Veterinary Practices

How much do they cost?

£168.00 including VAT & Delivery

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Still working 50 years later!

Still working 50 years later!

Yard hydrants are ‘gold standard’ quality from the USA with a lifetime performance.

The manufacturers recall:
“that in 1959, a Y34 Yard Hydrant left the factory with a shiny new coat of paint and found a home on a farm in Iowa.  50 years later, after countless hailstones, sleet, rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures, it was no longer shiny but was still working just fine!”

How do they work?


 Specification & Installation

Please note: These taps will need a break tank and pump installed if they are to be fed from a mains water supply.
For other technical details – please download the following PDF files



Installation of a hydrant with an 'H' Frame

Installation of a hydrant with an ‘H’ Frame

‘H’ Frames

We have found that if installation of your hydrant will be in soft ground, it is improved by the addition of an ‘H’ Frame.  The ‘H’ Frame is positioned approx 6″ below ground, and is attached to the hydrant with a simple ‘U’ bolt. It works by adding stability to the hydrant when it is turned on or off.  They will be sent out flat packed for ease of delivery,   but only require 4 bolts (included)  to put it together. These are available to purchase with a Hydrant from our ‘Online Shop’.

Attaching a hose

Geka Coupling & Hose Tail with jubilee clips

Geka coupling with jubilee clips.

If you need to attach a hose to your hydrant, most normal fittings can be used.  However, we favour quality Geka Couplings, which make connecting and disconnecting a hose fast and straightforward.  A simple quarter turn is all that is required.   Geka Couplings come in a set of two parts: Tap Connection and Hose Tail. Hose Tails have two diameter options: 13mm or 19mm. Generally these are purchased as a set (£12 inc VAT & delivery if ordered with a Hydrant) but can also be ordered individually.

Please Note: In freezing conditions, hoses must be disconnected from your hydrant.